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Designers we work with and support.

Knitting and needle work by Melody Owens

Who is Melody Owens?

Coming from a long line of needle-working women, Melody Owens /aka Melody Knits "NOODLERS" makes and designs knitted accessories and garments, with an emphasis on unique construction, luxury fibers, luscious colors and careful craftsmanship. Whenever possible, she especially enjoys incorporating recycled, upcycled and vintage materials into her works.

A gardener, singer, traveler, writer, editor and theatre scholar, Melody takes inspiration from the glory of nature, the colors of music, the scents of far away places, the rhythms and power of language, and the astonishing beauty of our planet.

What is a NOODLER? Made from knitted I-cords in luxurious fibers, these imaginative accessories are scarves, sashes, belts, turbans, home decor...use your fashion savvy and find the many ways to wear a Noodler! Wear a little art every day!"  Shop Melody Knits "NOODLERS"

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